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 Dutch scene musicians at The Gathering13-03-2006 
Jeroen Tel and The C-Men will be giving a concert at The Gathering in Hamar, Norway. Unfortunately most dutchies will be at the Breakpoint party, so I hope for them that there are also sick norwegian fucks ;-)

 Limp Ninja nominated for a Scene.org award02-03-2006 
Just like last year, Limp Ninja is nominated for a Scene.org Award, this time for the most original concept category with their demo Antifact which got 1st place at the BCN party in Barcelona. They have some pretty tough competition though, so let us all wish them luck!

 Outline 2006 location + new date28-02-2006 
Outline 2006 will be held in the Panoven in Zevenaar. The date mentioned in an earlier newsflash for the Outline party is no longer correct, the party has moved to 2-5 June 2006. More news will follow soon.

 Another fine crack from Limp Ninja01-02-2006 
The entries for the Microtel project can now be watched online at the dutch national TV station NOS on pages 450-455. If you are living outside the Netherlands, you can watch the pages at the NOS Teletekst Site.

Most of these are pretty bad, but Limp Ninja dominates again at page 453 :-)

(News provided by Inopia at pouet).

 Hugo & Magicboy will strike back?26-01-2006 
Anyone remember these two guys? It is a long time ago since we have seen a release from them, but according to the 2LBM website, Hugo & Magicboy will be releasing a new demo at the upcoming Breakpoint party in Bingen, Germany. (Thanks to Shifter for noticing this.)

 Limp Ninja world domination16-01-2006 
Limp Ninja keeps going strong. A few days ago they decided that the world had waited long enough for the final of Concrete by Black Maiden (the winning tUM 2005 demo), so they released a crack. And today it was announced that their Sprite Record demo won the 4Sceners OSDM demo compo. Keep on going guys!

 Get your graphics on dutch television06-01-2006 
As part of the Satellite of Love exhibition on the upcoming 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam, some people have started the Microtel project. Everyone can submit graphics in the teletekst format which will be broadcast on the dutch national TV station NOS and will also be spread on DVD by SCEEN magazine. The current entries are quite disappointing, so let us show the world what demosceners can do with only 8 colors!

 Outline goes multiplatform30-12-2005 
Great news, the Outline party which used to be an Atari-only party now goes multi-platform. The Breakpoint organisers do not have to be afraid yet, though, Outline 2006 will no longer be held during eastern but instead it will be held from june 2-5.

 Return of the scroller demos08-12-2005 
A few days ago the Oldskool Demo Maker was released and suddenly the scene was flooded with scroller demos again, just like in the old days. Ofcourse the dutch scene could not stay behind, so please enjoy the Sauzijenbroodjes Demo by Hema and Sprite Record by Limp Ninja :-)

 Limp Ninja wins again at BCN07-11-2005 
Just like last year, Limp Ninja won the democompo at the BCN party in Barcelona this weekend. Download the very original demo and vote for it. Note that they also released a second demo which currently is not available online yet.

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