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 Outline 200609-06-2006 
Eventhough it was a bit chaotic, Outline turned out to be a great party visited by many foreigners (especially Atari sceners), but also by many dutch people who had not been to a demoparty in a long time. Download the releases here and here, watch the results or view the photos by twh, Tinker and Dipswitch.

 One year of demoscene.nl07-06-2006 
Today it is a year ago since demoscene.nl quietly went online. Coincidently, the site was mentioned in an article about Breakpoint in this months edition of c`t magazine, so it seems to slowly attract some attention from people inside and outside the scene. However, due to lack of time the biggest part of the site is still a wasteland. But do not worry, keep visiting and you might be in for a surprise one day :-)

 Bizarre 1994 pictures... Anyone?26-05-2006 
Whistler, one of the organisers of the Bizarre 1994 party is looking for pictures of that party. If you have some, please mail him or reply to his post in the scene.org forums.

 Outline website went live13-05-2006 
A few days ago the Outline website went live. Please register if you are planning to come. Competition details and maps of the area will follow soon.

 Outline 2006 Performances03-05-2006 
The Outline 2006 organisation is proud to present to you the first two live music acts to perform at the Outline 2006 demoparty, early june in Zevenaar: 303f and gwEm. A big Thank You! must go out to the involved artists, and the Demozone organisation for providing the PA setup.

 It is quiet in the jungle again18-04-2006 
The rumble in the jungle of Breakpoint is over now, and once again it was an awesome party visited by people from all over the world, including a lot of dutch sceners. There were also some dutch successes, like the 1st place for Solenoid and Pluisje of Demozone in the animation compo, and a second place for the Sonsbeek Posse ft. Okkie in the streaming music compo. Great work, guys!

 Outline 2006 ticket sale has opened08-04-2006 
The official invitation text for Outline 2006 has been released. It contains some info about the party, a route description and the ticket prices. Visitors are encouraged to pay for their tickets as soon as possible. The more tickets Outline sells at an early stage, the more opportunities there will be to improve party facilities.

 Got Cow?08-04-2006 
About a week ago, the X 2006 website was opened. There is room for about 200 people but 135 people already registered. Just like the previous X parties this edition will probably be sold out in no time, so do not wait too long if you want to go to this great party.

 Happy Hardcore Crash Course for Coders01-04-2006 
Breakpoint is around the corner now and a lot of dutch people are going again this year. Hopefully we will see some good dutch releases there. Also you do not want to miss the Happy Hardcore Crash Course for Coders by Skrebbel.

 Another dutch victory in Spain28-03-2006 
By now the dutchies must really be pissing of the spanish scene, because, once again, a dutch group went home with the 1st prize in a Spanish compo. this weekend Aardbei won first place at the Ifparty in Valencia with their Southside Exploration intro.

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