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 CiH Outline 2006 Impression24-12-2006 
CiH released a video at Dead Hackers Society with random moments taken from Outline. Of course these kind of things are always way too short, but it gives a nice impression of the party and includes some short footage of the (illegal ;-) bar concert.

 The Ultimate Meeting14-12-2006 
In a few weeks (December 27th-29th) the traditional ending of the scene year will be celebrated in Germany at The Ultimate Meeting, and just like previous years a lot of dutch sceners will be there. Are you one of them?

 C64 Orchestra likes Groningen26-11-2006 
Next friday (December the 1st) the C64 Orchestra will be playing in Groningen on the Jonge Harten Festival. In Januari next year they will also be playing in Groningen during the Noorderslag Weekend. In case you have not heard of them yet, the C64 Orchestra is a classical music ensemble which performs wellknown classics from Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. Recordings of their previous performances can be found at Youtube.

 Will 303F be the Ultimate Band?16-11-2006 
The Ultimate Band List, a commercial music site, is organising a contest to find the Ultimate Band. 303F is one of the bands that were selected for the semi-finals. Please support our dutch friends by voting for them (each day you can cast a new vote, registration is not necessary).

 Venlo Meeting Video Footage20-10-2006 
Thanks to the guys from SCS*TRC some ancient video footage of the famous Venlo meetings finaly saw the light. The video, which was released at the last X party, shows footage from two Venlo meetings in 1992 and 1993. At CSDb you can find some of the names of the sceners appearing in it.

 X 2006 is over15-10-2006 
What else would you have expected? The latest edition of the famous X party drew visitors from around the world and was a great success again. Get the results and reases at CSDb or at Scene.org, or enjoy the pictures.

 Dutch scener wins Digitale Kultur Newcomer Award14-08-2006 
Every year at Evoke in Cologne, Germany, the Digitale Kultur foundation hands out a Newcomer Award to the most promising new scener. This year the award went to YorHel, a dutch guy who decided to join the scene after visiting Demozone and made a 64kb intro in only 10 days. Congratulations YorHel, and welcome to the dutch demoscene!

 Primary Star 200607-08-2006 
And another party was held last weekend (who said the dutch scene was dead? :-). The C64 Primary Star party was held for the 4th time in a row and there were some nice releases. Also do not forget to check out the photos.

 Demozone 200601-08-2006 
Another edition of Demozone is over. Although there were some troubles with the Campzone security team, it was a great party again. Results are not available yet, but you can download the releases or watch the photos.

 R.I.P. Edwin van Santen (EVS/20CC)21-06-2006 
Today the sad news reached the C64 scene that Edwin van Santen aka EVS/20th Century Composers passed away on May 24th, 2006 after a long illness at the age of 32. Edwin was a very productive composer in the C64 scene until he left the scene and became a producer of hardcore techno music. To remember Edwin, episode #7 of the 8Bit Mayhem C64 Scene Podcast is fully dedicated to him.

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