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 Rob`s intro tunes mix19-03-2007 
Inspired by this pouet thread, Rob of Aardbei decided to release an old mix he once made which contains several intro tunes. He warns not too expect a high quality mix (it uses crossfading and most of it was recorded to minidisc in 1999-2001) but for nostalgic reasons people may still enjoy listening to it.

 Netherlands Online Film Festival 200715-03-2007 
The Netherlands Film Festival organises a virtual version of the festival where anyone can submit a 30 minute movie. There is also an Animation category, so if you have a wild entry somewhere around which you would like to present to a large audience you might want to submit it (CC licenses are allowed :-)

 Outline 2007 registration12-03-2007 
At Numerica in Montbéliard, France, the Outline registration was officially opened. Note that, just like last year, you will have to pre-order separately if you want to be 100% sure that there is a sleeping place for you at Outline.

 Mekka Symposium 2002 videos03-03-2007 
Superogue (Rogue of Logic Design) has released some old Mekka Symposium 2k2 video footage on YouTube. Go ahead and watch the trip to Mekka Symposium 2k2 and the party itself. And while you are at YouTube, do not forget to check out the compilation of his Gameboy DMG/Pocket demos.

 Scene.org nominations are out!01-03-2007 
The nominations of the 5th Annual Scene.org Awards were announced today. The last few years dutch nominees were pretty rare, but this year there are several dutch nominees: miChinygma by Limp Ninja (best 4k), The Tits Have Escaped & Unclear Throat by Pluisje (both best animation), Trans*form by Focus (best oldskool demo & best concept) and finaly, together with the Swedes & Germans, there is The Wild Bunch by Triad, Horizon, Instinct & Focus (best oldskool demo).

 R.I.P. Jean-Michel Hervé (Tuo / Mandarine)25-02-2007 
This morning the french scener Jean-Michel Hervé (Tuo of Mandarine) passed away from a Brain Tumor. Tuo was the coder of the demo VIP2 by Popsy Team, which won the Takeover 2000 democompo. He will definately be remembered through this demo which without a doubt is one of the best demos ever released on a dutch pc party.

 #nlcoders meeting08-02-2007 
Less than a week after the Enschede pubmeet there will be another meeting at the opposite side of the country: The #nlcoders meeting on saturday the 17th of february in Rotterdam. If you want to join then make sure you register before february the 12th (these people already registered).

 Enschede Pubmeet26-01-2007 
Havoc of Outline is organising a pubmeet in cafe the Kater in Enschede on february the 12th. The meeting is open for sceners of all platforms, nationalities, and ages. For more info, see this pouet thread.

 Outline 2007 date is set25-01-2007 
The partyplace has been booked, Outline will be held at Te Boomsgoed in Braamt. The new site is not up yet, but you can already find the Travel information at the old site for the 2005 edition, which was held at the same location.

 Okkie`s 15 minutes of fame14-01-2007 
This weekend, Okkie of Limp Ninja posted a blog entry on Somethingawful.com about the producer Timbaland ripping of Tempest of Fairlight. It was picked up by digg.com and Slashot and is causing quite a stur. Read the making off at pouet. Way to go Okkie :-)

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