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 Inque wins at Evoke12-08-2007 
Evoke was visited by several dutch sceners again, and some of them even managed to get home with some prizes. Inque won the first place with their 64kb intro Antiphore. Izard of Inque also ended 3rd with his raytraced graphics entry. Congratulations guys.

 Primary Star 2007 invitation01-08-2007 
The invitation for Primary Star 2007 was released today. The code and music were done by Optimus and Factor6 of Anubis and the graphics came from JSL of Raiders Of the Lost Empire/Tropyx. Grab your C64 (or an emulator) and go check it out.

 303F live at Evoke28-07-2007 
Once again, 303F will be performing live at a demoparty, this time at the Evoke party in Cologne, Germany. Their performance will be right after the demo compo. Evoke is always a great party and this makes it only better, so make sure you do not miss it.

 Primary Star is looking for 8-bit performers22-07-2007 
The Primary Star party is only a few weeks away. If you are going there, make sure you register and check the guestbook to see if you can find some people to travel with. The organisers are still looking for some 8-bit music related performers, so contact them if you can help them out.

 Video killed the demostar?21-06-2007 
Sander of Focus created an awesome C64-styled videoclip for the dutch electro/funk artist Comtron (a.k.a. Bas Bron, who also produced for the dutch hiphop act De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig).

 Primary Star 200717-06-2007 
Once again, an edition of Primary Star will be organised by Anubis this year, at the same location as last year. The party will start on the 10th of August and it will last for 3 days until the 12th of August. Make sure you do not miss it.

 Outline HQ closes for good31-05-2007 
Havoc/Lineout had some problems with the locals so he moved out from his old house in Enschede. This means that people should no longer sent anything Outline related to the Enschede address. A new address will be published as soon as he has found a nicer place to live.

 Outline 2007 is over22-05-2007 
Once again, Outline was a big success. Releases can be found at Dead Hackers Society or at Scene.org. Photos can be found at Slengpung. The organisers were so satisfied with this edition that they already announced that they aim to organise another edition at the same place next year.

 Outline invitations09-05-2007 
Like usual the Outline invitiations are arriving just in time for the party (which is this upcoming weekend, be there :-). tSCc made an Atari ST invite and orb made an invite for Windows.

 And the award goes to...10-04-2007 
With two outstanding nominations in the animation category, it was pretty clear that Pluisje would stand a good chance, so this may not be a big surprise: The Scene.org award for best animation went to Unclear Troath, the animation he released at Demozone 2006. Congratulations Pluisje!

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