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 Antiphore one of the top 2007 intros02-01-2008 
The german site 4Sceners.de has selected the best demoscene releases from 2007. Unfortunately the dutch scene is highly under-represented, but they placed Antiphore by Inque at the 6th position in their top 10 list of best PC 64k intros from 2007. Great job, guys! Also worth mentioning, even though it is not a dutch release, is that they named Outlined by Orb as the 5th best invitation of 2007.

 Happy New Year!01-01-2008 
Happy New Year to all of you! I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be the year of the dutch demoscene! At the moment I am using my holidays to rewrite the site, so expect some new (interactive) features pretty soon. In the mean time, you may watch Okkie giving a thesis about the origins of the demoscene while being drunk. Thanks to whoever uploaded that video :-)

 The Dutch at TUM 200730-12-2007 
Like every year, several Dutch sceners visited the Ultimate Meeting in Germany in the days after Christmas. Limp Ninja released the only 64kb intro at the party, and they won second prize with it in the combined intro competition. Guideline also released a demo, this time designed by Numtek so it is a bit different and more darker than previous demos we have seen from Guideline.

 It ain`t much if it ain`t Dutch24-12-2007 
The BitFellas picked the best tracks among wooden shoes, tulips and windmills for their latest Podcast. Bitjam Episode #17 contains 14 tracks by several wellknown dutch composers.

 Reyn Ouwehand live in Paradiso23-12-2007 
On 17 januari 2008, Reyn Ouwehand will be performing live and solo in Paradiso. To get an idea of what you can expect, check out this great YouTube movie of Reyn playing the C64 track Green Beret by Martin Galway live with a looper.

 X keeps on going15-11-2007 
The oldest still existing dutch scene party is unstoppable and will once again be held next year at the same location as the 2006 edition. X 2008 will start on october 24th 2008 and end on the 26th. The website is still a bit empty but more info can be found on CSDb.

 Outline date confirmed14-10-2007 
The rentral contract has been signed, so the outline 2008 date is now confirmed. Outline will take place from Thursday May 1 to Sunday May 4 (Ascension weekend!) at the premises of Te Boomsgoed in Braamt (same location as in 2007 and 2005). As this event will mark Outline`s first lustrum, the organizers are counting on your support to make it the biggest and best Outline party so far. Please be vocal if you have ideas, plans or suggestions for the organising team!

 AmigaScene Party12-10-2007 
Do you still remember the old days when sceners used to meet at computer fairs and user group meetings? The people from the dutch AmigaScene portal clearly know their roots, because that is exactly what they are doing again. The first edition of the AmigaScene Party will be held at the Commodore GG club day in Maarssen on December the 15th.

 Outline 2008 date rumours16-08-2007 
It is never too early to start thinking about your next party, so write this down in your agendas: The date for Outline 2008 is may 1, 2008 and it will last until may 4, 2008. Foreign visitors should be aware of the fact that the last day is the national dutch memorial day. If you stay in the Netherlands after the party please join the rest of the dutch people in a moment of silence at 20:00 on the evening of the 4th of may. POST EDIT: Warning, according to Havoc this date is not 100% confirmed yet, so wait before booking any plane tickets!

 Primary Star 2007 is over14-08-2007 
The results and releases of the Primary Star party are now available at CSDb and at Scene.org.

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