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 Demozone is back!08-05-2008 
At Outline, Solenoid released an invitation for Demozone 2008. This new edition of Demozone will be held in Utrecht from September 26 until September 28. More info will follow later.

 Outline 2008 is over05-05-2008 
All good things come to an end, but thanks to all the visitors, competers, performers and the great weather, Outline ruled this year (the only drawback was that there were some complaints from other visitors of Te Boomsgoed who do not share our taste for good music).

The releases are currently pouring in at Dead Hackers Society and at Scene.org, feel free to comment them at Pouet. The first photos are already available on Slengpung.

 Outline 2008 site29-04-2008 
In true old-fashioned last minute marketing style, the new Outline website was launched today. About 50 people already paid for their ticket in advance and the first entries by mail already arrived so it seems Outline is going to be a success again. Also noteworthy is that there are 8 live acts at Outline this year, with old favorites like 303F returning, but some new ones as well!

 Dutch ownage at Breakpoint 200817-04-2008 
Yesterday, the guys from BreakpointTV released some great party videos from the Breakpoint party. First of all, you should check out the performance by Reyn Ouwehand, especially the request part at the end is awesome. And you also definitely want to see Okkie`s imitation of Metapat. Have fun watching!

 Get your Outline tickets now!09-04-2008 
Outline 2008 is near so get your tickets now. Visit the beautifully designed website to find out how. Tickets for 4 days of partying cost 45 Euro if you buy them in advance (bed & breakfast included), or 55 Euro if you buy them at the door.

Another new feature at this year`s Outline is that there will be several outdoor performances if the weather holds, so you really do not want to miss it this time!

 Solenoid wins an award and makes the news25-03-2008 
Unfortunately Solenoid did not win a Scene.org award with his animation Into a Dream, but he did win in the 4kb intro category with polystreptikum, his cooperation with Minas from Caladox. Congratelations to the both of you!

Also nice too mention is that Solenoid got the attention of his local newspaper the Stentor who wrote an article (dutch link) about his nomination in the animation category.

 ... and at Breakpoint 200807-03-2008 
And his tour continues, Reyn Ouwehand will also be playing live at Breakpoint 2008 in a few weeks.

 Reyn Ouwehand to perform at X 200802-03-2008 
The X 2008 website has been launched this weekend. Just like last time, it will feature a great live performance, this time by Reyn Ouwehand. Note that due to the rising popularity of the X party, the organizers urge you to register as soon as possible.

 Scene.org Awards 2007 Nominees01-03-2008 
The nominees for the Scene.org Awards 2007 have been announced in Zine #13. One of the nominees in the animation category is Into a Dream by Solenoid, an animation which he released at Numerica in France. Also, Inque was nomineed in the 64kb intro category with their great intro Antiphore which they released at Evoke. Well done, guys!

 Wired lives again?21-01-2008 
It seems that our friends from Belgium are planning to revive the famous Wired party. ReWired will start on June the 20th and last for 3 days. And the good news: It is organized at crawling distance from the Dutch border, in Maaseik, Limburg.

Update: Franky notes that there is no relation with the former Wired party at all, the similar name is purely coincidental.

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