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 Primary Star invitation is out14-08-2005 
The next dutch party is going to be the C64 Primary Star party in Reusel which will be organised by Anubis for the 3rd time. The invitation has just been released at the Willow party in Germany, so go check it out.

 "I see dutch people"11-08-2005 
Like every year, several dutch sceners visited the last Scene Event party in Denmark. Although the partyplace was quite small this year, the party definately rocked and there were even some dutch successes (#2 en #3 in the democompo). Releases can be found at pouet and the obligatory pictures are currently appearing on Slengpung.

 back from DemoZone26-07-2005 
DemoZone is over, and it ruled. You can find pictures of the event on Slengpung and some more on demoscene.tv where you can also check out the videos shot by the demoscene.tv team during the party.

 Demozone invitation is out18-07-2005 
More news from the Demozone front. An invitation intro for Windows by Neural and Park was released last evening, go check it out!

 Demozone update16-07-2005 
Demozone is only a week away now, so here's an update with some more news. The timetable and floorplan are now available. Furthermore, there will be seminars by PS and Gargaj and the party ends with a performance by 303f and sense. We really can use a decent party again in the Netherlands so I hope to meet all of you there next weekend!

 goodies from Superstition16-07-2005 
Yesterday I wondered if the old Overflow site still existed and found out that The Peric had just placed some lost Superstition animations online. Check out Overglow and Magic Dreams.

 Digitale Kultur goes dutch09-07-2005 
According to Solenoid, there are ideas to bring Digitale Kultur to an international platform. The first step to this new organisation will be a poll on demoscene parties. A special membership application form will be available on DemoZone to support a posible future dutch division of Digitale Kultur.

 goodies from Hatha23-06-2005 
More goodies from a dutch demogroup, this time from Hatha. You can download their releases (and some Weird Magic stuff) from Seppe's personal website.

 Sillicon Ltd. webforum offline14-06-2005 
The Sillicon Ltd. forum seems to be temporarily offline right now, so if you were planning to download the Success releases which were mentioned a few posts below then you'll have to have some patience until the forum is back online.

 Holland has a demoparty07-06-2005 
Old news for most of you, but there is actually a new (multi-platform) demo party coming up again in the Netherlands. The party is called Demozone and is part of the bigger Campzone party.

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