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 Outline 201110-07-2010 
Same place, same location, same top atmosphere: Outline 2011 will be held on june 2nd to 5th at kampeerboerderij W`tjewel in Eersel.

 Party Time!31-01-2010 
It is party time again! First, next february, some sceners are planning to have a beer in Amsterdam. In April, the Outline party will be organized again in Eersel, just like last year, and it will probably attract a lot of cool people again. And last but not least, there will of course also be an X party again in October, this time at a new location. Oh, and did you also notice that STNICCC is only 5 years away from now?

 Scene.org demo presentation at FITC Amsterdam 201022-09-2009 
In february 2010, Gloom of Scene.org will be screening the best demos of 2009 on the FITC Design & Technology Event in Amsterdam.

 Outline 200910-03-2009 
For a moment it was not certain that there would be another Outline this year, but behold, Outline 2009 will be held again on 21-24 may in Eersel, the Netherlands. Without a doubt it is going to be a really nice and cozy party again this year, so be there and check the new Outline website for more information.

 Demoscene Pubmeet in Utrecht03-11-2008 
Friday November 7th (2008), there will be a demoscene pubmeet in Utrecht. Be very quick if you still want to attend because Skrebbel has to book really soon.

 Demozone canceled08-10-2008 
Unfortunately Demozone 2008 has been canceled. Due to unforeseen circumstances in his personal life Solenoid does have to focus on more important things than the demoscene right now.

 Rob is no longer jarig?10-08-2008 
A long time ago, when Ile of Aardbei started the tradition of submitting `Rob is jarig` at every demoparty, he said he would stop once it would win a democompo.

Other people took over from him, but it seems they can stop submitting it now, because apparently `Rob is jarig` has won the first prize at Evoke 2008. Congratulations Ile, for finally reaching your goal :D

 Intel democompo entries online02-07-2008 
Today, the entries of the Intel demo competition were uploaded to Scene.org. The compo website itself has not been updated yet, but in the near future it should be possible to cast your vote there.

Unfortunately the guys from Inque had to spend most of their time on a new demo engine so they had barely enough time to build a demo with it, but still they managed to release an impressive demo. Also do not forget to check out the foreign competition because the quality of this compo is pretty high.

 Demozone 2008 date changed02-07-2008 
The previously announced date of Demozone 2008 is no longer correct, instead the party will be held from November 7 until November 9. The party will feature a 4k, 64k, demo, music, graphics and wild compo. The new location for Demozone is the Stefanus Church in Utrecht.

 Inque selected for the Intel democompo08-05-2008 
For the 3rd year in a row, Intel is organizing the Intel demo competition. Every year they select 5 groups that are allowed to compete against each other, and this year they selected the dutch demogroup Inque. Other competing groups are Still (the 2007 winners), Fairlight, MFX and Cocoon. Good luck, guys!

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